Frequently Asked Questions

International Anti-Homophobia Meeting

What is the Meeting Against Homophobia?

Internationally participated forum organized by Kaos GL and in May 17 week every year.

International Anti-Homophobia Meeting has been organized for the first time in 2006. The meeting which has been held on May 17 - 20 in 2007 will be held on May 12 - 19, 2008.

Why May 17?

May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia.

The International Day Against Homophobia is the day for acting and opposing against all physical, moral and symbolic violence related to gender identity and sexual orientation. It aims to coordinate with all initiatives struggle for the human equality, by inspiring and supporting them.

Why Anti - Homophobia?

We are exposed to discrimination because of our sexual orientation and gender identity; also are facing homophobic attitudes and behaviors in every aspect of life. When we are not able to stand against homophobia, we feed our concerns and rage, and divert to ourselves and alike. Yet, this is the last thing that we need!

We want to raise a public conscious that the matter of homophobia is not the problem of only Lesbian Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) individuals, but also the problem of heterosexual women and men.

Why Meeting?

International Anti-Homophobia Meeting, organized by Kaos GL in Ankara since 2006, aims to compose a platform for discussing the discrimination towards to LGBT individuals in Turkey and providing the visibility.

By the Meeting, we want to share and discuss our ideas on a world where LGBT individuals and heterosexuals liberate together. We are looking for solutions to our problems. We want to share the solutions and to create the material and moral possibilities of common interference when needed. We want to do this face to face and together.

We intend to meet new people, share and discuss our problems, relief and relax.

Neither a crime nor a sin, nor a disease. Long live same-sex love!

Why International?

We are aware that homophobia is a global matter. Based on this fact, we want to know and share the struggle experiences of LGBT individuals from the Middle East, Balkans, Europe and every corner of the World, against homophobia.

We aim to establish global support networks for struggle against homophobia.

Who is the host?

Kaos GL is the host of the International Anti- Homophobia Meeting.

Kaos GL is an organization, struggle for the LGBT rights. The organization that has been continuing its activities since the early 90s in Ankara has become a legal association in 2005 and adopted the name "Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association".

The association, publishing the "Kaos GL Magazine" that has been released continuously and delivered to entire Turkey since 1994, established Turkey's first LGBT cultural center and library in 2000 after the legalization of the magazine.

Kaos GL performs joint activities with a number of national and international institutions and associations varying from women organizations to human rights organizations, in order to provide the visibility of the human rights of LGBT individuals.

Kaos GL provides solidarity to Turkey's different cities in order to support LGBT individuals establish their own organizations.

Who can join the Meeting?

Anyone, who wants to discuss the problems of LGBT individuals and homophobia and to liberate together, can join the Meeting.

You do not need to be a member of Kaos GL or any other LGBT organization to attend the Meeting or any activity of the Meeting. You do not to be LGBT individual, either. You may not adopt the policies of LGBT groups. You may just attend any meeting, listen to the discussions and / or share your views.

Who participated the previous Meeting?

LGBT individuals from entire Turkey, associations and initiatives, as well as academicians, representatives of woman organizations, law workers, journalists, artists, authors, NGO representatives and politicians.

Michael Cashman (Member of European Parliament), Anja Meulenbelt (Dutch author), Mithat Sancar (Lawyer), Yakin Erturk (UN Violence Against Woman Reporter), Kursad Kahramanoglu (Former ILGA Secretary General), Oral Calislar (Jornalist), Hulya Gulbahar (Lawyer), Oya Aydin (Lawyer), Serpil Sancar (Academician), Yildiz Tokman (Feminist), Selma Acuner (EU Expert), Melek Goregenli (Social Psychologist), Selcuk Candasayar (Psychiatrist), Pinar Ilkkaracan (Defender for Woman's Human Rights), Ozlem Altiparmak (Lawyer), Aksu Bora (Feminist), Kerem Altiparmak (President of Ankara University Political Sciences Faculty Human Rights Center), Sevki Sozen (Prof. Dr., MD, Forensics), Juliano Cano Nieto (Researcher, Human Rights Watch, USA), Senem Doganoglu (Lawyer), Ayse Gul Altinay (Academician), Jenny Sud�n (Academician, Sweden), Hande Ogut (Critic), Rebecca Sevilla (Education International, Belgium), Diego Mellado (European Commission Turkey Delegation), Aija Salo (ILGA-Europe), Murat Celikkan (Journalist, Defender for Human Rights), Yildirim Turker (Journalist, Author), Murathan Mungan (Poet - Author)...

Jon Martin Larsen (Journalist, Norway), Andr� van Houwelingen (Psychologist, Holland), Michael Upton (Queer activist, Great Britain), Anette Trettebergstuen (Parliamentarian, Norway), Martin Christensen (LBL member, Denmark), Hohn Fisher (ARC, Switzerland), Karen Busby (Lawyer, Canada), Gert Hekma (Sociologist, Holland), Inge-Lise Paulsen (LBL; Denmark), Aleksandar Andreev (EGAL, Macedonia) have participated the first Meeting in 2006, from abroad. The same year Melek Goregenli (Social Psychologist), Aykut Atasay (Director), Gulsum Depeli (Academician), Guzin Yamaner (Academician), Sahika Yuksel (Psychiatrist), Nesrin Yetkin (Psychiatrist), Mahmut Sefik Nil (Psychologist), Murat Comert (Academician), Erinc Seymen (Artist), Kursad Kahramanoglu (Former ILGA Secretary General), Taner Ceylan (Artist), Murathan Mungan (Poet - Author) have participated from Turkey.

For 2007 Meeting, Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat (Academician, USA), B�rje Vestlund (Parliamentarian, Sweden), Anette Trettebergstuen (Parliamentarian, Norway), Kursad Kahramanoglu, Selin Berghan (Sociologist), Buse Kilickaya (Pembe Hayat "Pink Living" LGBTT Association), Julia Ehrt & Dan Ghattas (TransGender Network, Germany), Ugur Alper (, Beate Katharina Seiferth (L-Mag Magazine, Germany), Asbjorn Jorgensen (, Norway), Marit �stberg (Kom ut Magazine, Sweden), Ayse Erbil (Radio LoRa, Switzerland), Murat Cinar (Director, Italy), Oktay Ince (Karahaber Video), Aykan Safoglu (Director), Batur Ozdinc (A-�nfos), Irem Aksu (Global Action Group), Ayca Orer (Bianet), Ali Riza Taskale (Hacettepe Uni. Communication Faculty), Cihan Ertan (Akdeniz Uni. Department for Sociology), Anne Ross Solberg (Researcher, Norway), Berfin Emre (Hacettepe Uni. Communication Faculty), Goze Orhon (Hacettepe Uni. Communication Faculty), Kerem Altiparmak (Ankara University Human Rights Center), Herv� Caldo (France), Anna-Maria S�rber (Journalist, Sweden), Jan Swierszcz (KPH, Poland), Vladimir Velkovic & Jakov Causevic (SPY-Safe Pulse of Youth, Serbia), Mine Gencel Bek (Ankara Uni. Communication Faculty), Hulya Ugur Tanriover (Galatasaray Uni. Communications Faculty), Fatih Ozguven (Author), Barbaros Sansal (Fashion Designer), Asl� Dogan & Inci Birincioglu (Ege University), Lambdaistanbul, Pembe Hayat "Pink Life", GTURK, Beargi, Gaci Istanbul, Lubunya, Gaci/Kadin Kapisi "Woman Door", Antalya Rainbow, MorEl Eskisehir, Kaosist, Kaos GL Izmir and Kaos GL representatives have participated.

How will the meetings organized?

During the Meeting, each session / forum will take 1,5 hour except special formatted activities. Meetings begin and end at the announced hours. Following the presentations, a discussion will take place that everyone in the hall may attend. In some sessions / forums, a moderator may also attend besides the lecturers.

What were the forums and activities of the previous Meetings?

Film shows, exhibition, party, art - literature discussions and workshops have taken place, as well as forums like "Media - Communications Forum", "Homophobia at Mental Health Studies and Applications", "Queer Forum", "International Experiences of Struggle Against Homophobia", "Lesbian and Bisexual Women Forum", "Local Gay - Lesbian Forum", "Forum Against Transphobia", "Feminist Forum", "Video Against Homophobia", "LGBT Media Forum", "Campus Forums Against Homophobia", "Body in Homophobia Trap: Masculinity - Feminity".

What are the Campus Meetings?

Campus activities in Middle East Technical University Campus, Ankara University Cebeci Campus, Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus, in the content of Meeting Against Homophobia with the name of "Campus Forum Against Homophobia"

Which countries will participate?

Lawyers, politicians, academicians, journalists and LGBT activists from Norway, Holland, England, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, Macedonia, USA, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Poland and Serbia have attended the Meetings in 2006 and 2007.

We are expecting participants from Greece, Sweden, Norway, Germany, USA, Holland, Belgium and England for 2008 Meeting.

Is there any fee for the participation?

The participation is free of charge. You can attend to, listen to, watch and take part at all discussions, conferences, film shows and forums.

Some parties and workshops may require a fee and these activities are announced in advance.

What is the Marching Against Homophobia?

It is beside the hall and campus activities at the week of the International Anti-Homophobia Meeting, which will be held for the first time this year. The Marching will take place at the week of May 17 every year in the content of the Meeting.

Where can I accommodate?

If you will come from other cities or countries, Kaos GL volunteers can host you during the Meeting. If you request to stay at a hotel, we can refer you to a co-organization in order to assist you.

How do you finance the Meeting?

Some of the activities are organized with the cooperation of Kaos GL volunteers and some NGOs. We try to arrange supports of some associations for an important part of the expenses. We are still in search of financial support for 2008 Meeting.

May I have a duty for the organization?

Definitely! We are expecting your participation for every stage of the organization and realization of the International Anti-Homophobia Meeting.

You can share your opinions and / or directly take responsibility and support.

We are expecting your suggestions:

Share your suggestions, opinions and support with us for every stage of the Meeting.

Organization, topics, lecturers, accommodation / hosting, transportation, sponsorship, food - breakfast, party, translation, location, participation from abroad / Middle East, Balkans etc., web...

How can I follow the Meeting program?

You can follow the Meeting program on our web site ( Soon the independent web site of the meeting ( will be online.

Whom can I contact for the Meeting?

Coordination of International Anti-Homophobia Meeting: Burcu Ersoy & Ali Erol

Kaos GL - Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association
Gazi Mustafa Kemal Avenue, 29/12, 6th Floor, Demirtepe/Kizilay - Ankara, Turkey
Phone: +90 312 230 0358
Fax: +90 0312 230 6277
Ali Erol
Burcu Ersoy