Archive - 2012 - 21/05/2012

“We will not surrender to heterosexism! Equality now!”

As the finalizing event of the 7th International meeting against Homophobia organized by Kaos-GL, individuals and civil society organizations from Turkey and abroad met in Ankara on May 20th to march against Homophobia and Transphobia. 

The parade started at Kurtuluş circle and headed towards Sakarya square, one of the most bustling areas of the capital city, where the final press statement was made. It counted with the participation of over 500 LGBT and non-LGBT individuals, coming from every corner of Turkey as well as abroad (Germany, Hungary, India, Norway, Peru, Russia, Spain, and the U.S.A.).


In addition to show support against the widespread Homophobia and Transphobia currently affecting Turkey and other parts of the world, “constitutional equality” for LGBT individuals was the main demand of this year’s march. “We will march against hypocrite morals of a heterosexist system which restrains LGBT individuals… make their lives miserable, and expose them to compulsory heterosexuality in school…”, the press statement read.

Among the most chanted slogans in the march, “Recognition or no peace”, “Hate kills and the Assembly does not see it”, and “We will not surrender to heterosexism! Equality now!” were recurrent mottos. 

Additionally, there was a strong presence of LGBT Iranian refugees who came from other cities specifically to join this march. Carrying banners in Farsi as well as Iranian flags in pink color, they chanted against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad –current Iranian president- who constantly denies the existence of queer individuals in his country.

The event concluded with the peaceful occupation of a local café by the participants, which signs of discrimination against LGBT individuals had become a frequent occurrence.  

Heber Tito Galvez