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The Second “Regional Network Against Homophobia” is Starting in Ankara

LGBT activists from 12 countries of Caucasia, the Middle East and the Balkans are coming to Turkey for the second time for “The Meeting Against Homophobia”.

The opponents of homophobia from countries such as Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Lebanon, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey will be meeting between February 16 and 19.

Kaos GL, which took a new step within the context of “International Meeting Against Homophobia” last year, has helped the opponents of homophobia and transphobia from Caucasia, the Middle East and the Balkans come together to set up a regional network.

Kaos GL, which has organized the Regional Network Against Homophobia and is hosting it for the second time, is aiming for the solidarity of LGBT individuals from the countries in the Middle East, Caucasia and the Balkans.

The Program of “The Second Regional Network Against Homophobia”:

In the first session which will be moderated by Mamikon Hovsepyan from Armenia, current developments and changes throughout our countries are to be discussed after having welcomed the organizations which newly participate in the regional network.

The session in which the last year’s events are to be reviewed will be moderated by Gordan Bosanac. The answers to the questions such as “Why Did We Come Together?” “Why Are We Still Together?” and “Why Will We Go On Staying Together” will be brought to the table.

The session in which the questions “Why the Network?” And “How Do We Define The Term ‘Network’” are to be discussed will be moderated by Boban Stojanovic. The subtitles to be discussed in this session are as follows: “How Shall We Set Up the Network?” “What Are We Planning To Do WithThis Network?” “Can We Create Common Working Fields and Opportunities Among These Organizations?” “What Are The Difficulties We Face In The LGBT Activism And How Can We Support Each Other?”

In the second meeting of the Regional Network Against Homophobia, the organizational needs will also be discussed in details.

The second day of the regional network will start with the sharing of the success stories. The session which is to be moderated by Andrea Gilbert from Greece will examine the answer to the question “What can we learn from one another?” and also include what the organizations have done pertaining to the issues such as Law, the Media, Sheltering Homes, Advocacy, Health, Education, Youth and Women.

“Photography Presentation” by Nazik Armenekyan from Armenia and artistic presentation “A Pop Approach to the LGBTQ Rights Struggle” by Boban Stojanovic from Serbia.

“Looking at Patriarchy and Feminism” will take place with the presentations by Andrea Gilbert, and Biljana Stankovic from Serbia.

The session to be moderated by Kocho Andonovski from Macedonia will discuss the “Families with LGBTs / Families of LGBTs” and how the organizations working in this field can cooperate.

In the session of “Individual Stories Of Lgbts Who Are Among And Right Besides Us” which will be moderated by Giorgi Gotsiritze from Georgia, the answers to the question “What kind of problems do LGBTs in our respective countries overcome?” will be shared.

The First Sub-Meeting of the Regional Network in Zagreb

The First Sub-Meeting of the Regional Meeting Against Homophobia will take place in April in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The session in which the preparation process of the Zagreb meeting is to be discussed will be moderated by Gordan Bosanac from “Queer Zagreb” Organization. In this session the answer to the question “Can we organize a meeting in Caucasia as well?” will also be examined.

The second of the Regional Network Against Homophobia is taking place thanks to supports of Turkish Delegation of the European Union, Olof Palme International Center, TACSO (Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organizations) and Open Society Foundation-Turkey.

Regional Network Against Homophobia

Kaos GL is planning cooperation in bringing forth and spreading new politics in international areas, and also in cooperation with regional endeavours.

For the preamble penned by Kaos GL, which is planning an LGBT network in the Middle East, Caucasia and the Balkans for solidarity in the struggle against homophobia, see:

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