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The Book “Regional Network Against Homophobia” is Published!

Under the scope of 6th International Meeting against Homophobia, Kaos GL hosted “Regional Network against Homophobia” and this initiative's outcome, a book in English, is now published. The book deeply investigates the goals of LGBT activists and people against homophobia from Middle East, the Balkans and Caucasia and at the same time deals with the political and social developments from the participants' own localities. With the participation of activists from Crotia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey details regarding the current local politics, how countries in the region approach to the LGBT reality, the manifestation of nationalism and conservatism on the axis of homophobia and transphobia and common problems are discussed in the book.

The book also presents the framework of LGBT movement in Turkey. From military to laws regarding LGBTs in Turkey, from homophobia and transphobia in the media to trans people being forced to construct a victim identity, from queer discussions in Turkey to the Ahmet Yıldız trial, many issues are addressed in the book.

The book content is as follows:

Regional Network Against Homophobia / I
LGBT Network in the Middle East, the Balkans and Caucasia

Kaos GL,
With a Foreword, Of Course…
Kaos GL, Call For Regional Network Against Homophobia
Kaos GL, People Against Homophobia From 13 Countries Met in Ankara
Selçuk Candansayar, Solidarity of Human Brothers and Sisters
Nevin Öztop, LGBT Outcries From the Region

Mamikon Hovsepyan,
LGBT Situation in Armenia

Gordan Bosanac,
Empowering Zagreb and Other Parts of Croatia

Giorgi Gotsiridze & Tamta Melashvili,
Georgian Legislation on LGBT Issues

Andrea Gilbert,
“Being Unnecessarily ‘Provocative’ by ‘Defaming’ ‘Sacred’ Symbols”
Efklia Panagiotidou, The Past and The Present: Two Communicating Vessels

Arsham Parsi,
Stripped of Basic Civil Human Rights in Iran

Yaron Gal,
The LGBTQ Bill of Rights

Boban Stojanovic,
Dealing with the Past, Transition and Democratization


The Agenda of the LGBT Movement in Turkey

Ali Erol, Unnatural Sexual Relation or Psycho-Sexual Deficiency: A Third Way Impossible?

Ali Erol & Barış Sulu, Kaos GL News and Magazine: Intersection Points Between All Discriminations

Barış Sulu, The Murder of Ahmet Yıldız

Begüm Başdaş, Locating “Queer” Politics within Social Movements in Turkey

Berk Efe Altınal, The Psychologization of the Islamic Discourse on Homosexuality

Elif Ceylan Özsoy, Turkish Dilemma: Hate Crime or Unjust Provocation

Eren Barış, To Provoke the Anarchistic

Hakan Ataman, Did Somebody Say Homophobia?

İdil Engindeniz Şahan, An Example of a Long-Term Lynch: LGBT People in Media

İmge Oranlı, Islam, “Homosexuality” and Secularism

Mutlu Binark, Interpreting the Censor on the Internet Through the Three Obsessions of Turkish Right Wing Policies

Senem Doğanoğlu, One-Two-Three-Four, We Don't Want Your Macho War!

Umut Güner, Trans Identities That Are Aggrieved

Yasemin Öz, LGBT People’s Situation in Turkish Law


Download PDF version:

Regional Network Against Homofobia 1 - PDF, 612 KB