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Masculinity Forum in METU

METU LGBTT Solidarity Club, Political Sciences Club and Sociology Club welcome the 7th International Meeting Against Homophobia in Middle East Technical University via ‘Masculinity Forum’. 

The ‘Masculinity Forum’, organized to fight against homophobia and transphobia in the campus, will be conducted on May 3, Thursday. The event is going to take place at MM-125 Lecture Hall (MM building, the 1st floor).

Masculinity Forum

The clubs welcome the attendants out of the campus as well. The call for the event by the organizers is as follows:

“As we have already asked by different occasions before as KAOS GL, METU LGBTT Solidarity Club, METU Political Sciences Club and METU Sociology Club, we are asking again now; ‘what is masculine andmasculinity’?

We begin by asking not who, but what is masculine.  As we did as a group of KAOS GL volunteers last year in a reading group, we re-attempt to understand the conditions of masculinity, however  through a forum this time.

We know that in the heteronormative social structure, we are being constructed as ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’subjects as if they were biological characteristics. However, we also know that we can not reduce either masculinity or feminity into a biological definition. Then, we are asking how and through which social practices ‘masculine’ is produced in the social reality that we were born into. We attempt to understand the set of meanings lying behind our masculine world. In order to do this, we question masculinity in familiy, sports and cinema in the case of modern Turkey.

What we actually hope and demand is to search and learn the ways of ‘not being man’ as we had already learned what is ‘being man’. It is all about an attempt to learn how to leave our masculinity in summary. We hope that discussing about different aspects of ‘masculinity’ will be a begining for this learning process.

Forum Program

*Ass. Prof. Dr. Bahadır Türk – Çankaya University

Hegemonic Masculinity in Yılmaz Guney Movies

*Dr. İlknur Hacısoftaoğlu

Masculinities in Sports; Questioning Homophobia through Wrestling 

*Remzi Altunpolat – KAOS GL

Perceptions of Masculinity and Homosexuality in the Turkish Right

Date: 17:30 p.m, May 3, Thursday

Place: MM-125 lecture hall (MM building, 1st floor), METU

Before the Forum

*Res. Ass. Mehmet Bozok – Artvin Çoruh University

Interactive Presentation : Being Masculine, Discussing the Possibility of  Change

Time: 15.30 p.m.

Place: The room of Political Sceinces Club

*** Attendants coming out of METU should either get an invitation from KAOS GL Culture Center or send an e-mail to in order not to have any difficulty in entering the campus.