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LGBT’s Marched in Ankara for Constitutional Equality

Shouting slogans like "No recognition, No peace!", "Hatred is killing, parliament isn’t seeing!", people against homophobia and transphobia requested "constitutional equality".

March against Homophobia and Transphobia is done yesterday (May, 20th) in Ankara with the request for constitutional equality.


With the call of Kaos GL, lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans peole (LGBT) and people against homophobia/transphobia gathered in Kurtulus Park at the end of Meeting Against Homophobia and marched to Kizilay.


Following the "We won’t surrender to heterosexism! Equality or Nothing!" placard, over 500 people marched to Sakarya Square and the march ended after the press statement "Sexual orientation and gender idendity reality should be recognized for constitutional equality" is made.


Participants from Russia, Hungary, Norvay, Germany, Peru, Spain and USA marched together with Turkish LGBT individuals and people against homophobia/transphobia.

Iranian refugees who took refuge in Turkey, "rainbow bus" and LGBT participants from Istanbul also participated in Marching.

Members of "The Other Bicycle" group also joined March against homophobia with their bicycles.


"Hatred is killing, Parliament isn’t seeing!"

Shouting slogans like "No recognition, No peace!", "Hatred is killing, parliament isn’t seeing!" frequently during march, people against homophobia and transphobia requested "constitutional equality".

After the march against homophobia, trans-phobia, hatred and against any kind of discrimination completed under the rainbow flag, a press statement was made in Sakarya Square.


"Sexual Orientation and Gender Idendity Reality should be recognized for Constitutional Equality!"

Press statement made at the end of "March against Homophobia and Transphobia" made today (May 20th) as the last activity of 7th International Meeting against Homophobia" is as below:

Our march is against people who judge and humiliate lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) individuals, people who subject to compulsory heterosexism in their schools and make people’s lives miserable, hypocritical morals of heterosexist system which slaughter in metropols...

Our march is against heterosexist exploitative system which tries to make all people similar by eliminating all ethnic, cultural and sexual differences and therefore tries to kill us...

Our march is against undeclared war of heterosexist system against LGBT individuals...

Our march is for strenghtening together and for liberating together...

Even though current system which imposes compulsory heterosexism ignores and oppresses our sexual orientations and gender identities, we as LGBT individuals keep coming from all areas of life.

We say "No!" to people who dismiss us from social and political lives denying our very existence. We want legal security that will allow us participate in every field of political life equally.

We insist for acknowledgement of "sexual orientation and gender identity" reality in the Constitution! As LGBT individuals, we won’t surrender to denier politicians who try to send us to "other" or ""and the like" invisibility.

As lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) individuals, we will definitely remove the blockade surrounding our existences... 


We, as all people gathered under rainbow flag and against homophobia and trans-phobia, declare: "We won’t surrender to heterosexism! Equality or Nothing!" 

Translation: Vahap

Photgraph: Ali Özbaş & Onur Çuvalcı