Archive - 2012 - 22/05/2012

LGBT refugees march against homophobia and transphobia in Ankara

LGBT refugees and asylum seekers currently residing in Turkey, joined the March against Homophobia and Transphobia organized by Kaos GL on March 20th in Ankara.

Coming from the satellite cities of Kayseri and Isparta, as well as Ankara itself, approximately 34 Iranian refugees joined the march to express their condemnation towards existing homophobic and transphobic attitudes in Turkey, Iran, and abroad.

To many of them, this event was also an opportunity to express publicly for the first time their support towards their community, and to decry the limitations and abuses faced throughout their time in Turkey. Slogans and signs with phrases such as “I am trans, get used to me”, “Lesbian and proud”, and “Don’t be silent” were visible.

In addition, each refugee carried a small hand-made Iranian flag in which its red color was changed into to pink to show support for the LGBT community. The main banner, which read in Farsi, stated “Ahmadinejad, we are here” in reference to the Iranian president who continuously denies the existence of LGBT people in his country.

After the event, the refugees showed their gratitude and appreciation towards Kaos GL, the Iranian Queer Organizartion (IRQO), and the Heartland Alliance (USA) who made this visit possible.  


Heber Tito Galvez