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Lesbian and Bisexual Women Come Together

The publicity meeting of ’’Lesbian and Bisexual Women Working Group’’ was held on April 28, in Ankara with the participation of 18 women.

Lesbian/Bisexual women have come together in the Kaos Cultural Center for a weekend in every month since April. The first workshop was being held on May 26.

’’Lesbian and Bisexual Women Working Group’’ is constituted in order to discuss a wide range of issues like gender, homophobia, violence, loneliness, health domain, work life, visibility, organization, family, disability, senility, love and sexuality in the meetings which are being held in every month.

In these meetings which will be organized as 6 months, the purpose is to handle the conditions of being a lesbian/bisexual woman, sometimes with the participation of experts in their fields, and to share information and experiments about a great deal of issues like discrimination and human rights with various presentations and workshops. One of the activities included in the working group is a four-day summer camp. If you want to participate in this working group, it is enough for you to fill out the application form below and send to the e-mail address until Friday, May 7, 2012.

The number of participants is limited to 30. The food and accommodation expenditures of voluntaries that will come from cities other than Ankara and that participate in the activities regularly in every month will be met by Kaos GL.

For more information:

Telephone Number:  0312 2300358  Extension: 17

Address: GMK Bulvari 29/12 Demirtepe/ Ankara

The application form of ’’Lesbian and Bisexual Women Working Group’’





E- mail:


Can you briefly explain why you want to participate in that activity?

Can you provide a regular participation in that work?

Have you ever participated in this kind of activity? If yes, can you give a brief information about it?

What kind of difficulties do you have as a lesbian/bisexual woman? (The answers you give contribute to the content of our work).

Please declare what we can do in order to make the activity easier for you. (For instance, if you are a vegetarian or have a physical disability).

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