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International Feminist Forum by Kaos GL

Feminist Forums, organized by Kaos GL as a part of International Meetings Against Homophobia (in dedication to IDAHO events around the world) since 2006, is turning into an international forum in 2012.

Kaos GL is continuing the preparations for International Feminist Forum.

Kaos GL, the host of the Forum, got in contact with not only local but also Middle Eastern and North African women’s organizations. The Forum will be held as a two-days event on 9-10 March, Friday and Saturday, 2012.

The Coordinator Committee of the IDAHO events invited all those who interested in working with the Committee throughout the whole process, providing inputs/insights and sharing their thoughts and suggestions to the prepatory meetings taking place at Kaos GL Cultural Center.

Here is the briefing by the Committe in regard to the International Feminist Forum:

“Knowing that there is a specificity of the regions’ Islamic/conservative politics and governings, ways of creating an anti-homophobic and anti-transphobic discourse and practice within the feminist/women’s movements that struggle against sexism will be discussed.

We are planning the Feminist Forum for a feminist stance against conservatism both on a national and global level. Even though there are moving developments in certain areas in the feminist movement, we feel that we are facing a picture in which almost each community have closed up in their “homes” and surroundings. In addition, the organizational and ideological relations between the feminists and LGBTs will also be on the agenda during the Forum.”

For the Feminist Forum preparatory meetings:

Kaos GL Culture Center
GMK Bulvarı, 29/12, Demirtepe/Kızılay-Ankara
0312 230 0358 / 17

International Feminist Forum